The most effective copywriting tells a story—one that the audience wants to be a part of. One, that when done effectively, creates an impression, generates a lead or makes a sale.


cambria_smallIt all starts with the subject line. Direct response copywriting takes just the right combination of product knowledge and emotional motivation to generate the reader’s interest and generate a lead.

Selected From My Portfolio:
“The New Cambria hotels & suites”
‏Client: Choice Hotels


Paper will never go out of print. Sure, print runs may become smaller, but clients still want something to handle. To give away at trade shows, hand out at board meetings and highlight at product launches. A well-designed (and well-written) brochure, print ad or white paper can become the cornerstone to a well-engineered multimedia campaign.

‏Selected From My Portfolio:
“The Road to Recovery” Print Ad
‏Client: Center for Medicare Services (CMS)





music_small“We Are the Music Makers” Print Brochure
‏Client: The National Chamber Orchestra





drug_smallExhibits are billboards that make you think twice. The best exhibits grab your attention, pique your interest and make you “turn here” to learn more.

‏Selected From My Portfolio:
‏Client: The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy





invest_smallA successful website can instantly connect you—and your products—with your target audience. When done effectively, websites, videos and lead-generating landing pages can turn a curious visitor into a serious buyer in a matter of seconds. You need to grab the visitor while not letting go.

‏Selected From My Portfolio:
‏“Invest a Smarter Way”
‏Client: Folio Investing

Social Media

Social media helps to validate your brand. A company’s social media presence shows consumers that their brand is focused and building relationships with potential customers. In fact, social networks are some of the fastest growing industries in the world.

‏Selected From My Portfolio:
‏”This Fall, Share the View and the Memories”
Client: Choice Hotels