Yes, writing is a process.
(But don’t worry. I can do it in my sleep!)

1. Before I write, I listen.
Being a good writer starts with being a good listener. I honestly believe this. Before I start writing, I start with focusing on what you really want to say. That’s why during our first meeting (whether in person, on the phone or via webinar) I let you talk my ear off. This way, we get to know each other. We’ll talk about your communication goals, any obstacles you currently have and deadlines.

‏By the way, this first “kick-off” meeting is absolutely free. (How can I charge you when you may not know what you need yet? I just don’t think that’s fair…)

‏2. Creating a Creative Brief
After our initial chat, I’ll write up a creative brief for you and your team. (If you’re not familiar with a creative brief, that’s ok. I’ll do all the work. You just have to read it…)

‏A creative brief is a one-page document that summarizes what you want to achieve. In our kick-off meeting, I’ll be throwing around words like “tone,” “target audience,” “communication mandatories” and then I’ll summarize all of the information in a creative brief. That way, we both know that we’re on the same page (literally)!

‏3. Putting Words to the Page
Now that we’ve chatted and you’ve had a chance to review the creative brief, I start writing. But first, I always begin with a detailed outline and provide a sample introduction and/or executive summary for the piece.

‏Outlines are great—however, they need context. That’s why when I send you the final outline for your project, you’ll also receive the introduction of home page content or executive summary. That way, you can not only see the direction I’m taking (a.k.a. the outline) but also get a sense of my writing style and tone—which is just as important to the piece as the specifics of the outline.


I Put Your Words to Work for You.

‏Over the past 20 years, I’ve fine-tuned my writing skills to help my clients find their voice on their page. No matter what the project, I can help you reach and motivate your audience, establish and polish your style and ultimately increase your profits.

What I Write
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