I’m Lauren Tivnan and I’m the resident Wordsmith. I seriously love words. That’s because words are powerful. Harnessing that power has been a talent of mine since I wrote my first tagline as an intern in college.

‏Since then (which was a long time ago…) I’ve been doing a lot of writing for clients who include Choice Hotels, AARP, the National Symphony Orchestra, Rydex Investments, Folio Investing and a variety of federal government agencies including the Department of Justice, Health and Human Services and whitehouse.gov.

‏I love what I do and my clients love what I do! Here’s some of what they have to say:

Having worked directly with Lauren Tivnan, I can vouch for her creativity and passion as a writer. Anyone interested in getting results and dynamic copy writing just needs to engage Wordsmith at Work.
—Mike Tock, Sr. Director, Business Development, InfoZen

Prepared. Thorough. Creative. Exactly the kind of co-worker you need on the kinds of high-stress projects that Lauren and I worked on together. Thank goodness she’s also level-headed!
—Sandra Jackson, Sr. Editorial Director, DTI Inc.

Lauren Tivnan is a writer who knows how to present you in your best light, even if you don’t. She takes the information you provide and delivers a solution that is just what you wanted. Then she provides another that may be a creative departure for you, but it makes your product or service sparkle. When she and I worked together on a creative marketing team, she was the writer who provided that extra spark that lit up the room and got results.
—Kate Poindexter, Communications Manager, Lockheed Martin

‏Want to see some of my work? Let’s chat.