Don’t Let Your Creativity Hibernate This Winter

by Lauren Tivnan on

I’ve always believed January is a hard month to get inspired—and even more importantly—to stay inspired. I don’t know about you, but I personally HATE the month of January. Sure, it starts out strong because we’re all on a “holiday high” that usually lasts for the first two weeks. But then mid-January hits, the weather gets worse, and any inspiration we had over the holiday season goes into hibernation.

It’s tough to drag inspiration out of hibernation in the dead of winter. I’ve tried, and it’s an epic battle. However, the battle can be won. It just takes some planning and some perseverance. Here’s how. 

Three Ways to Fight Creative Hibernation

1.Plan for a long winter. Face it, you’re going to need to stay inspired throughout the next few months. It’s just a cold, hard reality. But it doesn’t have to be daunting. Just like a New Year’s Resolution, plan to stay inspired. I recommend breaking the year up into the four seasons (or quarters–however you want to look at it) and think about four things you want to achieve for your business. Yup, just one for each month. They can be as simple as landing one new speaking engagement, gaining one more client, or launching that webinar you’ve always wanted to do. By planning your year now, it will inspire you to tackle the rest of the year.

 2. Get out of the office to get inspired. People inspire other people. That’s why you have to get out of the office to get inspired. (And sometimes in the dead of winter, that’s really hard to do.) But again, pull yourself out of your inspiration hibernation and go meet the people in your industry. Take a class, join a Meetup (there are a ton for creatives) and network. Last week, I went to a seminar at the Maryland Women’s Business Center and found out that they have a ton of low-cost seminars for women entrepreneurs. If I wouldn’t have gone, I would have never known about all of the resources they offer! Not a woman? Then sign up for your local Chamber of Commerce. Here’s a good article on the pros and cons of joining your local chamber.

3. Sign up to stay inspired. Now, I have to provide you with full disclosure here: I hate email. I’m the type of person who will take the time out of my busy day to unsubscribe from “partner” emails that find their way into my email box. However, I’ve also learned to put my biases aside in the name of “research” (and yes, I’m using that term loosely here …). There are some great, substantive creative outlets where I think you’ll find the inspiration you’ll need to sustain you over the course of the year. (And I have to say, I love their content!) If you need some inspiration, I recommend the following: Creative Bloq, 99U, and the HubSpot marketing blog.

Don’t hibernate. Create.

So there you have it. Start planning now to fight creative hibernation this winter. Get out there and meet like-minded creatives, just like you. (You’ll inspire them, and I’m sure they’ll inspire you!) Then, sign up to stay connected to different creative outlets in your industry, including your local Chamber of Commerce.

The good news: Spring is less than two months away. (Not that I’m counting …)

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