Shakespeare’s 5 Rules for Making Up Words

by Lauren Tivnan on

We all do it. We may not want to admit to it, but we do. Make up words, that is. But did you know that “The Bard” originally created many of the words we still use in everyday conversation?

Neither did I.

Not only was he a literary master, but aparently also a genius at translating pure human emotion into words that accurately convey exactly how we feel–words we still use each and every day! Words like “fashionable” “Worthless”, “Zaney”…

Pretty cool, right?

Some of them are even “new-fangled” (Yes, I would have loved to come up with that one!)

But what makes words stick? All of us marketers want to know and the folks over at Copyblogger have some great thoughts on the topic.

Read on.


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