Words Matter. But They Aren’t Pretty.

by LaurenTivnan on

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been evolving over the past few months. No, not as a writer. But as a business. A few months ago, I met a great group of women business owners through Ginny Robertson when I attended one of her Connections Over Coffee meetings. (By the way, she hosts several throughout the month and I highly recommend them.) When I walked into the meeting, I wasn’t expecting much. Well, I was wrong.

Coffee and Chance.

So there I was drinking my coffee and listening to these inspiring small business owners give a brief introduction about who they are, what their passion is in life, and how they work everyday towards building it. Honestly, I thought I was just there to listen. I wasn’t prepared to actually say anything. But the time came when I had to say something. So when I introduced myself, I said, “Hi. My name is Lauren Tivnan. I’m a writer and a wordsmith.”

No one cackled, no one coughed up their coffee. And everyone seemed to know what that meant. Cool. I thought to myself. That was painless.

By the end of the meeting…I thought “Wordsmith at Work” would be a great tagline for my professional portfolio and blog. But when you are sitting in a room of inspired women business owners, they don’t think small. At all. And that’s when Karen Brand (great name for a designer, no?! ) approached me and told me that I shouldn’t limit myself. Wordsmith at Work isn’t just my tagline. She believed that was the name of my new business. And she was right.

Since that fateful meeting, Karen has designed my new logo (which I love!):


And we’re currently working on the look and feel of the new website. Because while words matter, they aren’t pretty. And I need a designer to make them gorgeous.

So stay tuned as they say. There’s much more to come from Wordsmith at Work!

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