Has Your Creativity Been Furloughed?

by LaurenTivnan on

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation recently. While finding ways to stay motivated have always been top-of-mind for me, I’ve been wondering how furloughed employees are staying motivated—especially when being forced not to work.

Personally, I have not been affected by the government shut down. However, many of my writer, editor, and designer friends either work for the federal government … or work for a contractor…that works for the federal government.

All of them are now furloughed.

These are a creative bunch who are now forced … not to work. That’s a problem. A big problem because for many of them work equals creativity. See, “creatives” (as we’re called) need to work. We need to write. We need to design. We need to stay creative.

But how is a “creative” supposed to stay creative when their daily routines are thrown off and they are now forced not to work?

Creating Routine Creativity

Many writers (take the prolific story-teller Joyce Carol Oates for instance) openly state that they have enforced a writing routine each day not only to stay creative, but to stay productive.

It’s been widely proven that being productive is a big factor in fighting boredom and staying motivated. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle has been quoted as saying, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

And it’s true. When you work regularly, motivation strikes regularly. But when you are forced not to work, motivation can disappear and take any creative sparks along with it.

So, if you consider yourself a furloughed “creative,” go ahead and put yourself back to work. Create your own furlough routine. Think of it as working from home—for yourself.  Sit down and start writing. Dust off your paints and start painting. Sharpen those charcoals and start drawing.

Do what you have to do to get back to work and stay creative.

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