The Elevator Pitch: Make Every Employee a Brand Ambassador

by LaurenTivnan on

What is the one thing all companies need their employees to know inside and out?

That would be the corporate elevator pitch. Every employee in your company or organization should be able to succinctly and concisely convey your value proposition in three minutes or less.

The term “elevator pitch” comes from the time it should take to get your message across to a captive audience in the span of a short elevator ride. Essentially, the idea behind the elevator pitch is an accidental meeting with someone important (think future client or corporate sponsor) whether that’s in an elevator–or at a neighborhood BBQ. If the conversation goes well and captures the individual’s attention it will hopefully continue after the ride is over or the food is served. If it doesn’t…no harm, no foul.

So what makes up the perfect elevator pitch? Here are three things to get you started…

The Perfect Employee Elevator Pitch

1) Define your product or service and is it’s USP.

Every single one of your employees—from the intern to the vice president of operations should be able to briefly describe what your company does and what makes your organization unique (i.e., your Unique Selling Proposition).

Don’t have a USP (or haven’t looked at it lately)? Download this free worksheet from MindTools to get started developing one.

2) Identify the brains behind your company.

As the old adage goes, “Always bet on the jockey—not the horse.” Each one of your employees should be prepared to delve into a short bio of your company’s CEO or Founder. Was he or she an entrepreneur? Did they invent the product you are now selling? Did they grow the company from nothing in a recession?

Your employees should not be selling your company or product, but more importantly, humanizing it.

3) Define your company’s competitive advantage.

I’m not asking telling you to have your employees’ spill the beans in the elevator ride, however, they should be knowledgeable about your product advantages in a few words or less—and know who the competition is if they haven’t been schooled on that already.

Prime Elevator Pitch Examples

“My company develops apps that businesses use to remotely train their staff. It was actually developed by [insert CEO name] out of his/her garage when heshe found that they did not have the time or resources time to train new employees in a start-up environment. By remotely training our staff, senior management can spend time being managers–not trainers.”

“It’s hard to keep up with all of the changing IRS regulations, isn’t it? Our technology can help you make sure that you are compliant with all of them—especially the latest cost basis regulations. No one else in the industry can get you up to compliance standards as fast as we can.”

Every Employee is a Brand Ambassador

Remember: your employees are your best brand ambassadors. That’s why it’s essential that each and everyone of them is well-versed in your corporate elevator pitch.

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