Words Are Emotional.
The right words can make a crowded theatre applaud an unknown understudy; can make an audience laugh until their sides hurt or readers cry until their faces swell. Words evoke emotions and when they do, great things happen.

Words Are Motivational.
Words have a rhythm and a cadence; they have a beat and a rhyme. They make a point and evoke a memory. People sit up and pay attention. They want more. They read more. They learn more and buy more.

Words Are Powerful.
Pack too many of them on a page and you lose the reader. Mix your metaphors and you lose credibility. Spell one wrong and you lose the sale.

Words Matter. Use Them Wisely.
What you say, when you say it, and how you say it matters to you, your brand, and your bottom line.

Let Wordsmith at Work choose your words wisely.

Whether you need them to fill your website, brochure, marketing campaign or social media strategy, I can help. Contact me today and we’ll go over what you need and when you need it.